• Have a big dream and need guidance to manifest it?
  • Have questions about the right next steps for your business or life?
  • Have questions about the future while going through a big life transition (divorce, illness, job loss, etc.)?
  • Need some fresh insight about a relationship or situation?
  • Seek spiritual direction about your calling and purpose?

The Answers lie in the Questions!

If you're looking for truth and clarity, then you have come to the right place. The aim of an intuitive consultation is to help you find understanding around where you may be sabotaging yourself or if what you are creating is actually in true alignment with who you are.

One of my main focuses is to teach you how to access and strengthen your own inner knowing. So that you feel empowered and more knowledgeable about who you are and why you have created the life that you have.

My gift is the ability to tap into your energy and the circumstances of your life so as to access the wisdom that transcends conscious thought and observe and share where difficulties and opportunities may arise.

Intuitive insights I share do not predict the future because nothing is set in stone. So I share with you an understanding of how the consequences may play out with the current energy.



"Thank you, Dean, for your phenomenal intuitive consultation. The information you shared was so on target and spoke to my soul. You gave me practical exercises to strengthen my healing process and accelerate my success. You truly did whisper to my soul and listened as my soul responded. I look forward to what will unfold in the next few months as I witness the results of your coaching. Many, many thanks!!" - Norma

“I'm so glad I met Dean. You don't meet people by accident, so it had to be like that! In giving questions instead of "only" answers, he made me aware of what is really going on! He is such a gentle, conscious being and I felt so supported and safe to open up... Thank you so much! It's a pleasure to know you!" - Melina



45 Minute Consultation* - £125

90 Minute Consultation* - £200

(Buy 5 and Receive 1 Free)

Must be used within 6 month period


*Consultations are online via Zoom or in person (London) and details will be sent to you before our session.