Mindful Fitness is the accumulation of over 20 years of studying and learning from the leading experts in the health, fitness and wellbeing industries and then working with 100’s of clients on creating a unique approach to creating personalised movement and lifestyle programs. Each program is designed around your own unique ancestral and biological patterns, habits and behaviours.

Mindful Fitness is designed to empower you to find the right balance in your Soul Body, Soul Life and Soul Spirit. These are the 3 pillars of creating a successful, healthy and fulfilling life.

"At seven in the evening, something in my lower back gave way and I was scarcely able to stand up. I was due to go on the BBC Breakfast Show next morning and was very worried if I would be able to do it. I emailed Dean that evening and he came to see me at 5 the next morning. He somehow got me moving and on the way to recovery within 45 minutes. He is a diligent and effective repairman!" - Clive

Soul Body


Evolutionary biologists believe that we are only using 25% of our physical capabilities compared with our stone age ancestors. This startling fact contributes to the growing health statistics on obesity, sleep, mental health and cancer.

The aim of our Soul Body sessions is to take you through a series of progressive mobility, flexibility and strengthening exercises to help you achieve your goals. I will also teach you how to create a better relationship with your body and mind so that you know how to find more balance and achieve the results you want.

Sessions are done in the privacy of your own home in central London. Sessions are £75 per hour and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

You will receive an integrated assessment to determine where your movement is restricted or where there are weaknesses that need to be addressed.

From here, we will create a specific corrective stretching and exercise program that will incorporate infant development and primal pattern movements to re-align your body and improve core stability and muscle balance in the body.

I will also create a personalised treatment protocol, which will enhance the results you get from your corrective stretching and exercise program. These sessions can be done as an add-on to your training sessions or included as part of our regular session time. Treatments cost £60 for 30 minutes or £90 for 50 minutes, and there is a 24-hour cancellation policy.



I have also trained in a number of Osteopathic, Physical Therapy and Holistic treatments, which allows me to treat a wide range of Orthopaedic and Sport related injuries. By using a blend of these techniques I can help;

•  Promote spinal and joint health

•  Enhance fitness and athletic performance

•  Increase balance and flexibility and posture

•  Reduce pain, muscle tension and alleviate stress

Soul Life


Whatever your goal, what you eat, your quality of sleep and how you manage your stress are essential factors in determining the quality of your results.

There is no such thing as a normal person, we are all genetically and biologically unique. This is why one diet may work for one person, but not someone else.

Evolution has also shown us that there are natural cycles throughout the day, month and year that requires the right balance of nutrients, sleep and stress management to be healthy. This coupled with advancements in scientific research into areas such as mitochondria, telomeres and ageing allows us to live healthier lives.



I offer an in-depth 90-minute nutritional and lifestyle coaching protocol that teaches you how to eat and live your life based on the seasons and the natural cycles of the sun, moon and your own unique physiology.

I will show you how to find the right balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. As well as how to incorporate the right supplements and seasonal protocols to help you achieve optimal health throughout the year. This also includes techniques and tools to improve your sleep, reduce stress and improve cognitive functioning.

A 90-minute session costs £150 and can be done in person (central London) or online via Zoom. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.

Soul Spirit


Your state of mind, in particular, your perception, beliefs and behaviours about yourself are one of the most important and most under-rated aspects of Mindful Fitness. We are emotional beings having a human experience, and we are the product of our family and ancestors. This predisposes us to physical, mental and emotional traits that may not serve us as individuals and the life we are creating.

Soul Mind is designed to bring to the surface the thought processes that may be blocking, stopping or sabotaging you from finding the right balance in your life. You can choose to tap into my Intuitive Consultations or dive into my Inner Journey Coaching Program. Both of which can be accessed via the main menu.

I offer a unique 3-month Mindful Fitness Intensive that includes 2 X Personal Training sessions per week, 90-minute nutrition and lifestyle consultation and a deep dive into the mind with my Inner Journey Coaching Program. This powerful program cost £1,500 per month and is limited to 4 people at one time. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy on all sessions.


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