"Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses" ~Ann Landers

In this 5 part video series, I will show you how to create deep meaningful relationships that allow you to experience a stronger connection with your partner. Oh and how to have great sex every time. But that’s not as important as the deep meaningful relationship, right?

Having spent over 20 years working with clients and as a gifted intuitive there are patterns and behaviours I have found that are an integral part of all relationships. I will share with you my observations, thoughts and ultimately the tools that I use with my coaching clients to have powerful relationships.

This insightful and impactful course will take you on a journey down the rabbit hole of relationships and sex and open your eyes to how humans have evolved to create compelling and intimate partnerships and how you can apply that in your life.

Who is this for?

• You currently find yourself in an unhappy or meaningless relationship that is making you question yourself and what you want.

• You have issues with body image, and not comfortable with who you are in and/or outside of the bedroom.

• You are single and looking to attract an amazing partner into your life and not repeat the patterns of your past relationships.

What you wil Learn

Part 1 – Learn 3 powerful tools that are the foundations to creating deep relationships and having great sex

Part 2 – Learn what it takes to create powerful relationships

Part 3 – How to communicate clearly your passions and desires with your partner and hold a space for them to do so with you.

Part 4 – Learn how to break self-beliefs habits and behaviours that may be blocking, stopping or sabotaging you.

Part 5 – Understanding Monogamy, Orgasms and Sex

What are the Benefits?

• Feel more empowered to have amazing relationships that allow you to live your life with a greater sense of purpose.

• Feel more comfortable communicating from the heart and expressing your emotions fully with your partner.

• Know how to experience longer, deeper, and more satisfying orgasms and sex.