• Have a big dream and need guidance to manifest it?
  • Have questions about relationships or career?
  • Need some fresh insight about a personal situation?
  • Seek spiritual direction about your calling and purpose?

Tarot has been a powerful form of divination used for thousands of years. Although seen as a mystical tool the cards are not designed to predict, but rather shed light and give you understanding and clarity. Each card tells its own individual story. There are archetypal figures, numbers, colours and images that each convey their own aspect.

Wherever you're looking for answers the cards will give you information on where you may be blocking, stopping or sabotaging yourself to achieve and fulfil your goals by giving you access to your sub-conscious mind and behaviours and patterns that are creating the circumstances in your life.

As an Intuitive Tarot reader, I will share with you an understanding of how the consequences may play out with the current energy based on the cards that come up for you. Ultimately my aim is to empower you to find your truth and follow your heart.

Daily Tarot Reading


20 Minute Reading* - £1.75 per minute

40 Minute Reading* - £1.50 per minute

To book a reading please email me at dean@deangriffiths.co.uk. 

*Readings are be done via video online using Zoom.