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Whatever you're looking to achieve in life is highly dictated by the power of your mind, whether you want to be more successful, have more empowering relationships or  function at your best.  If you want to play the game of life at the highest levels, then your mind must believe that it is possible. Most people are not born with a mindset that will allow them to do this naturally, so you must be willing do what others will not do, if you want to perform at levels where others will fail.    



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Soul Psychology with Dean Griffiths











Dean has spent over 20 years working with senior executives, entrepreneurs and athletes to improve their physical and mental states. Dean started his career as a sports rehabilitation specialist, working with clients to address acute and chronic injuries. He realised that many of his clients were struggling to fully recover from their pain due to their thinking. Through studying techniques such as EFT and Psych-K he was able to achieve more consistent results that led him into working with a broader range of clients to address both mental health and physical injuries. Dean works with one simple philosophy, your problem is not your problem, your thinking about your problem is your problem.


Soul Psychology