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Meet Dean Griffiths

Dean Griffiths is known as The Soul Whisperer, a gifted intuitive who has empowered 100's of people to live a life of purpose. His powerful insights allow clients to find more balance within themselves to face their fears and step into their power. He works with one simple philosophy, your problem is not your problem, your attitude about your problem is your problem.

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Lets take an Inner Journey

I believe our biggest opportunities for change and growth in life come from stepping outside of our comfort zone and standing firm in the face of our fears. Allow me to take you on a journey into the unknown. Because that's where you will find the answers to the questions you've been asking of life. I cannot guarantee that you will always like what I show you. Though I can promise you this. The opportunities and gifts that will come from taking this journey will be more than worth it.

"From my first interactions with Dean, it was clear that he has a true gift for seeing people.  It’s clear why people refer to him as the Soul Whisperer. Dean has a natural way about him that made me feel at ease and helped me open up.  He was able to quickly, and accurately, identified the blocks getting in my way and provided some simple, yet powerful suggestions for moving past them.  Thanks, Dean for your support and generous heart!”  - Lisa

“Dean has helped me connect much deeper with myself and has this way of knowing when to push me and when to help me practice acceptance and compassion with myself and others.

He continues to remind me that I’m number one in my life and has helped me get a clearer picture of what is important for me in my everyday life, and what goals I have for the future. I started working with him thinking I would only work with him for three months. Two and half years later I’m still working with him and he’s supported me through one of the toughest periods of my life.

Thank you, Dean, for helping me grow and for every moment of support. “  - Viktoria

Emotional Reset Facebook Group

Come join an amazing tribe of people who are looking to take themselves physically, mentally and emotionally to the next level. Every week I post new EFT/Tapping videos, addressing common themes such as mental health, sleep and physical pain. The videos are created to empower you to face your fears and step into your power with the support of others who are on the same journey. There is also a 7 day emotional reset that can help you upgrade your emotions or take the 21 day trusting the flow of life challenge if you're ready to surrender to life.

3 Rules for an Amazing Relationship

  1. Honour Self – Schedule in the things that allow you to honour your soul on a daily and weekly basis. This could be going to the gym, time spent with friends, time on your own to recharge your batteries. We each as individuals have to keep ourselves balanced and not expect our partner to did this for us. Being independent within a relationship can be a great way to value your time together more, because you value what’s important to you also.
  2. Delete the Score Card –When something makes YOU feel uncomfortable or triggers YOU when your partner does or says something, firstly take time to reflect on it, why am I feeling this way. If unresolved within yourself then communicate with your partner that this situation or statement made you feel a certain way. They as a person did not, what they did or said that when passing through YOUR filters triggered something unconsciously within you.
  3. Remove Expectations – Your relationship could last 6 months or it could last 20 years. The truth is, you don’t actually know. Enjoy the gift that life has bought for you. They will probably teach you some of your toughest lessons in life and give you some of your most memorable memories. Each partner that comes into your life is your teacher, your guide, your lover, your shadow-self. Honour it all and go with the flow and your relationship will be all that it was meant to be and so much more.

The Dance of The Divine

Within each of us there is a dance playing out between our two energies, divine feminine and divine masculine. These energies are what make us whole and have nothing to do with gender. They seek harmony and unity that once fulfilled will allow you express who you really are to the world. Dive into this 3-part video series and discover how to know and balance these essential aspects of yourself. BE WARNED, they may not play nicely!

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