Life is not about creating perfection, it's about finding balance

Hi, my name is Dean, I'm known as the Soul Whisperer. My clients are female entrepreneurs who find themselves at a crossroads in life searching for something more fulfilling, with a deeper desire to know themselves better and a knowing that they have more to offer the world than what they are currently doing.

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Inner Journey Coaching

I believe our biggest opportunities for change and growth in life come from stepping outside of our comfort zone and standing firm in the face of our fears. Allow me to take you on a journey into the unknown. Because I believe that's where you will find the answers to the questions you've been asking of life. I cannot guarantee that you will always like what I show you. Though I can promise you this. The opportunities and gifts that will come from taking this journey will be more than worth it. I work with one simple philosophy. Your problem is not your problem, your attitude about your problem is your problem!

Do you procrastinate in taking action steps in achieving your goals?

The process of goal setting is a powerful tool to help you achieve anything that you desire in life. Based on over 20 years of experience and the latest knowledge in Neuroscience and Psychology, the 10X Goal Setting Method is a personalised program that helps you understand what thoughts processes you need to adopt and what action steps you to need to create to achieve any goal. This process will also show you how to deal with the potential blocks that you may meet along the way.

The Feminine Leader Course

Feminine Power is one part of the interchanging energetic relationship with the masculine that lies deep within each of us. Our goal is to find balance in expressing both aspects of ourselves, while creating a life of purpose. This free course is designed for those who struggle to express themselves fully, feel that society is slowing them down or holding them back in some way or are struggling to understand what feminine power means for them personally. This course will show you how to tap into your personal power, and then harness that power to express the best version of yourself in your career, relationships and personal life.

Relationship Consultation

Are you struggling to find the right relationship or going through difficult times in your current relationship?

Business Consultation

Are you looking to change your career or business in some way or resolve difficulties in your current one?

Relationship & Sex Course

They dance through life, energetically interwined. The dynamic partnership of sex and relationships are the foundations to life. You was conceived through sex and you was and are nurtured through relationships. This free course is designed for those who are looking to understand how to deal with issues around body image, attracting a partner, creating a balanced relationship and having great orgasms and sex. This course will show you how to be comfortable in who you are and in expressing that to the world, so that you can experience deep meangingful relationships.

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