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Watch my Latest Interview with Dr Andrea Pennington on Liberting your Authentic Self

When you decide you want to liberate your authentic self and live a life of purpose, you must change the way you think, act and react. So self-compassion must become part of your standard operations. You will make mistakes, you will push boundaries, that’s all part of living outside of the box. Forgive yourself.

On this episode we dive into techniques on changing your mindset, getting past emotional blocks and tuning into your heart and soul.

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In this episode Kerri and I discuss how to unleash possibilities in your life by opening your perspectives, trying on new ideas, and venturing into the void.

Listen to my Latest Interview with Sharon Sayler Talking about Goal Setting

In this eye-opening episode, we discuss why you don’t reach your health goals even with the best of intentions, I share my thoughts; 

  • Why you should not let your diagnosis define you
  • The how and why you want to set grand goals with success tiers
  • Why it so easy to play the “Poor Me” card
  • And easy ways to ask for what you need and want

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